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Welcome to the website of Joyce Kramer

Have you been injured? Are you the victim of a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death or work injury caused by another person, company, corporation or government agency?

Tip of the Day
You’ve been injured in a car accident. Did you know that in the State of Missouri:
In addition to your right to file a claim against the responsible driver, people or businesses connected in any way with your car wreck may have purchased medical payment insurance that may be available to you right away, IF you are injured and IF you give proper notice. Some examples are: your automobile insurance; the automobile insurance of the car you were a passenger in; a school bus your child was riding in and the school and in certain circumstances, the owner of the property where your accident occurred. This type of insurance is separate from any payment you may be entitled to from the liable driver.

If you are an accident or injury victim, whether you case is big or small, your best interests are served by having a knowledgeable lawyer evaluate the facts of your case, before taking actions that could affect your rights, interests and obligations.  Attorney Joyce Kramer has personally helped make it right for over three thousand accident and injury victims. Let her help make it right for you!

Joyce Kramer is a St. Louis, Missouri attorney since 1989 and is licensed to practice law in Missouri and New York states. Joyce has helped over three thousand accident and injury victims recover, with personalized help to make it right. 

In these bad economic times, it’s tougher, harder, more complicated and takes longer to get fair and reasonable treatment and recoveries from insurance companies, who always have their interests rather than yours in mind.

Joyce is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer with over 17 years of experience dedicated to fighting on your side to level the playing field against insurance companies.

Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you. Whether your case is big or small, call Joyce today and let her help make it right for you!

Joyce can also help you with other types of claims and disputes against insurance companies.

If you are an accident or injury victim who has been injured on the job or in your daily life and are facing difficult times, contact Joyce at (314) 361-2000 to discuss your case and get immediate and compassionate help.

Contact Us today about your case!

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